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The Challenge of 2017

The coming year will be a busy year in the cricketing calendar – a Champions Trophy and a Women’s World Cup for a start. Closer to home there are leagues to be won and at a personal level, batting and bowling targets to be achieved.

However, despite all that, the biggest challenge for Bidborough in 2017 is to raise funds for our new pavilion.

We will need to work closely with our colleagues in our fellow sporting clubs through the Bidborough Sports Association and indeed with the entire village community, through the support of the Parish Council, to come up with the right sums of money such that we can enable the new pavilion to start construction in autumn 2017.

It will be a lot easier if everybody, and we do mean everybody, does their bit. A mixture of money, ideas and time will get us there so you will be able to contribute to at least one of these and hopefully all three. You will all know individuals or companies who can assist with money or prizes for raffle or auction so please do not be afraid to spread the word.

The fundraising committee will outline their plans at the start of the season and we will have a running total going throughout the season to show progress. Every home game gives us the chance to add a few more pounds to our efforts and together will take us ever closer to our final target.

The ultimate prize is enormous – a brand new pavilion with space to have a proper seat in the changing room and the chance to have tea in roomier surroundings – so please be ready to fully contribute however you can throughout the whole season. A new building up and ready for the 2018 season will be a fitting way to mark our 125th anniversary!

A big challenge yes, but working together will mean that we can rise to that challenge.