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The Arthur Nicholson Memorial Recreation Ground

Universally known as the “Rec”, this small piece of land has been enjoyed by the Bidborough community, and others, for over 80 years.

So one might ask… “Who was Arthur Nicholson?”

Sir Arthur NicholsonRepresented here is fine picture of Arthur Nicholson in full dress uniform, an officer in the 18th Hussars, aged 20. Little more than a year after this picture was taken he was killed in France during the opening weeks of World War I. So many families across Europe faced the loss of their much loved young men who were slaughtered in this terrible conflict. In memory of his son, Major Nicholson of Bidborough Hall, donated the land now known as the “Rec” to the Parish Council, specifying that it was given in perpetuity for the playing of cricket. After the necessary preparation work to the ground was completed he presided over the inaugural cricket match played on the 9th August 1929. This wonderfully generous gift fulfilled the dual purpose of acting as a memorial to his son whilst also providing a beautiful sited space for local young people to expend energy and have fun whether organised or not. Thus many from Bidborough and beyond continue to enjoy cricket, stoolball, bowls and tennis. Robin Foster Hon Treasurer

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