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We must be positive despite the terrible weather since before Christmas. On the upside, the rain has stopped for now with the ground and square showing promise.

In 2013, a year of transition for the seniors, we were again runners up in the 1st Division. The 2nd XI held their own in the 4th Division with several Colts blooded and we won the Groombridge 6-a-side. The strength of the club is down to the continuous stream of good players the Colts section produces. Well done to all.

What we have achieved through the duration of 2013;

  • new mobile net
  • new all weather practice wicket
  • improved and continued channels of communications

What are the clubs future plans for 2014…

Arrangements have been completed to use Leigh’s Cricket Ground for the Colts. We have 6 Colts sides, so the extra ground will be needed. One of the significant plans will be upgrading the practice facilities at the Rectory Drive entrance. We are also planning to extend and refurbish the Pavilion. It is our intention as a club not to stand still and all these intended improvements come at a cost. Therefore it is essential that our fundraising activities are supported by all. We have over 100 Colt members, whether they are your sons/daughters or grandchildren, the future of the club relies on the support from those who benefit from this generous gift.

Thanks must be extended to out sponsor Larrytech. We are truly grateful for the support and sponsorship. Finally, we wish the new village pub, The Kentish Hare, every success and pledge our ongoing support.

Doug Moore