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Hello and a happy new year to everyone !

Just reminding you all that our colts winter nets start again this Friday evening, 10th January 2014 at the Judd School Sports hall.

First Session starting at 6.15pm
Second session from 7.20pm

Payments can be made direct to Sue Steptowe on Friday evening, 10th December. Membership forms for new members will be available on the evening. Remember there is no need to fill in a form for current members unless you have revised information / contact details !

If you intend coming , it would be useful to notify Sue in advance as it would be very handy to know what sort of numbers we are dealing with in each age group!

If you know of any boys / girls in years 5 or 6 that would like to join us, please let us know and maybe they can come along on friday.

Equally if you know any of our current members that may not have seen / or responded to Sue’s emails due to new contact details or faulty broadband, please make contact and come along on Friday.

Many thanks, hope to see you all there !

Sue Steptowe
Colts membership secretary.